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The Journal of Trauma Nursing is the only peer reviewed journal dedicated to trauma nursing. It is the official publication of the Society of Trauma Nursing.
There will be six Issues of JTN in 2014!

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Conference Schedule, Day 2

Pre-Conference Day 1 Day 2 Biographies

Friday, April 9, 2010 - Full Conference Sessions
6:30 AM – 4:30 PM - Conference Registration Open
7:00 AM – 9:00 AM - Continental Breakfast

Moderator – Madonna Walters, MS, RN

The Ideal ACS Verification Site Visit: What Would it Take
Frank “Tres” Mitchell, III, MD, MHA, FACS – Chair, ACS Verification Review Committe
St. John Health System, Tulsa, Oklahoma

For trauma program staff, verification or designation site visits become pivotal events. Countless hours are spent in preparation, to avoid deficiencies during the site visit. But what would it take to have the ideal verification site visit? Dr. Tres Mitchell focuses on the positive side of the verification process in this breakfast session, and addresses common concerns about the current criteria for verification, and how to meet or exceed them. This session is open to all who have registered for the full conference.

Moderator – Pat Manion, RN, MS, CCRN, CEN

Monitoring Compliance with Clinical Practice Guidelines
Donald Jenkins, MD, FACS, President of EAST
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Integrating Trauma & Other Quality Indicators Within a Culture of Safety
Kate FitzPatrick, RN, MSN, CRNP-BC
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Quality and safety monitoring in trauma includes the evaluation of compliance with clinical practice guidelines. But practice guidelines can be complex and difficult to monitor. Dr. Jenkins offers a practical approach to developing a standardized monitoring plan, which includes both clinical judgment and evidence-based recommendations.

Kate FitzPatrick looks beyond the trauma registry, to take a broader look at a variety of hospital quality indicators, core measures, and ‘never events.’ She challenges us to integrate those within our culture of safety.

9:30 – 10:00 AM - Break in the Exhibit Hall

Moderator – Mike Glenn, RN, CPM

Variances in TBI Care Among Civilian and Combat Trauma Victim
Kimberly Meyer, MSN, ACNP-BC, CNRN
Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center, Washington, DC

Ethics & Trauma: Tough Decisions at Difficult Times
Sydney J. Vail, MD, FAC
Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Kimberly Meyer uses her experience at the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center to examine TBI Care and outcomes among a variety of civilian and military victims. She discusses similarities and differences in injury patterns, triage, and practice in both civilian and combat-related settings.

Dr. Vail takes us on a journey of self-examination, with a thought-provoking presentation about the ethical challenges of providing trauma care in the 21st century. This session will help you recognize when the patient has the right to refuse treatment, and to understand how your beliefs affect your ability to perform under challenging circumstances, including the withdrawal of care and the provision of seemingly futile care.

Moderator – Deb Harkins, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRN – Immediate Past-President, STN

Frank “Tres” Mitchell, III, MD, MHA, FACS
Chair, ACS Verification Review Committe
St. John Health System, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Society of Trauma Nurses is pleased to announce Dr. Frank “Tres” Mitchell as the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Lectureship Award. Dr. Mitchell is currently the Medical Director, Trauma and Surgical Critical Care at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has been a general surgeon, trauma surgeon, and director of both trauma and critical care in both Oklahoma and Kansas.

Dr. Mitchell has a long history in the trauma community and is highly visible on the national stage. He has been a member and officer of the National ATLS Committee, a member of the Verification Review Committee of the ACS Committee on Trauma, Region Chief for the Committee on Trauma, and Chairman of the Oklahoma State Committee on Trauma. Dr. Mitchell has been a Verification Review Committee Site Reviewer since 1999 and is the Current Chair of the Committee on Trauma Verification Review Committee. Dr. Mitchell was a site surveyor for the first Trauma Verification Review Committee Site Visit outside the U.S. at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany.

In his role as Chair of the Verification Review Committee, Dr. Mitchell has fostered a collaborative relationship with STN, which has included support for the new “OPTIMAL” course as well as lecturing at our annual conference for the past three years.

1:00 – 1:30 PM - Poster-Viewing and Networking – EXHIBITS OPEN

Moderator – Vicki Bennett, RN, MSN, CEN, CCRN

Role of the Nurse in Trauma Resuscitation
Michele Ziglar, MSN, RN
Shands at the University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida

Hemoglobin Targets – Where’s the Evidence?
Judy Mikhail, RN, MSN, MBA
Hurley Medical Center - Flint, Michigan

Trauma Resuscitation: The Finer Points
Donald Jenkins, MD, FACS, President of EAST
Mayo Clinic - Rochester, Minnesota

Is successful trauma resuscitation more than the sum of its parts? Trauma nurses know that it is. Resuscitation requires not only the right fluids and tests, but also critical thinking skills and the ability to process information quickly. During this plenary session, three experts take you beyond the basics to discuss the finer points of resuscitation, including an appraisal of the role of the nurse and a review of the controversy surrounding hemoglobin targets.

Moderator – Sue Cox RN, MS, CEN, PHN – STN President

Fall Prevention Clinics for Seniors: Cost-Effective Programs that Work
Pat Manion, RN, MS, CCRN, CEN
Genesys Regional Trauma Center - Grand Blanc, Michigan

How Culture Affects Injury Patterns – A Look at the Amish
Sue Rzucidlo, MSN, RN
Penn State Children’s Hospital - Hershey, Pennsylvania

Is Child Abuse Being Missed at Adult Trauma Centers?
Karen Macauley, RN, MEd
All Children’s Hospital - St. Petersburg, Florida

We wrap up our conference with a discussion of three special populations, defined by their age, culture, mechanism of injury, and vulnerability. Pat Manion shares her experience participating in the development of a fall prevention clinic for older adults, which produced measurable results and revenue for their trauma center. Sue Rzucidlo helps us understand injury patterns among those who may live “off the grid” by examining the spectrum of injury seen among the Amish. And Karen Macauley attempts to answer an important question about the ability of adult trauma centers to make the difficult diagnosis of child abuse.

4:30 PM - Closing remarks - Now you can pull up anchor and be on your way!