2018 Templeton Pediatric Trauma Symposium

March 2-3, 2018

Back by Popular Demand: Debating the Solid Organ Injury Scoring System

Watch our panelists go head-to-head on one of today's hot topics in pediatric trauma at this year's Templeton Pediatric Trauma Symposium.

Thane Blinman, MD, Assistant Director of Trauma Surgery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), will moderate what promises to be another informative and entertaining debate between two eminent traumatologists: "Scoring System: Managing Solid Organ Injuries — Should We Throw Out the Grade Book?"

Scoring systems are ubiquitous in trauma care, forming the basis of clinical algorithms, triage, outcome metrics and more. But many think these scoring systems are marred by deep methodological flaws that obviate most benefits from these systems. In pediatric trauma care, these flaws seem magnified.
  • Are we recording distinctions without differences?
  • Are we basing decisions on mere methodological confections rooted in bad math?
  • Or do these systems represent convergence to a good working solution for the knotty problem of standardizing and grouping combinatorially complex presentations of injury?
Our panelists — Peter T. Masiakos, MD, from Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, and Steven Stylianos, MD, from Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital — will debate these questions, illuminating scoring systems' premises, methods, uses, weaknesses and, perhaps, suggesting better methods for trauma.

The early registration rate ends Feb. 1, 2018. Make plans now to join us in March for the most up-to-date information on this hot topic.

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