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The Journal of Trauma Nursing is the only peer reviewed journal dedicated to trauma nursing. It is the official publication of the Society of Trauma Nursing.
There will be six Issues of JTN in 2014!

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Senior Lifestyle & Injury Prevention Program (SLIP)

The SLIP injury prevention program is designed to address the needs of older adults. Elderly persons are disproportionately at risk for poor outcomes following injury, and are rapidly growing in the overall population. The aging process affects visual, cognitive, and psychomotor skills, and even simple tasks of daily living can put older adults at risk for injury. These facts support the need for injury prevention programs like this one.

SLIP was developed by the Michigan Trauma Nurse Council, which recognized the scarcity of injury-prevention programs that targeted senior adults. The Society of Trauma Nurses adopted SLIP as part of its strategy to promote independence through injury prevention.

What's unique about the SLIP slides?
The background color of the SLIP module slides is uniformly a solid pale color, and there is no animation between slides. The fonts are near-black and a simple Times/ Arial, with a limited amount of content on each slide. These choices were intentional, and evolved from a review of the literature and discussion with experts in gerontological nursing.

While the slides allow for the creation of additional content (insertion of extra slides), the authors request that you maintain the guidelines mentioned above.

What's included in the SLIP program?
The disk contains a total of six PowerPoint presentations.

The first four are each 20-30 minutes in length, and designed for venues where time is limited or the audience may not tolerate a long presentation:

  • Balance Your Life (fall prevention)
  • My Home, Safe Home (home safety)
  • On the Right Road (motor-vehicle safety)
  • Stepping Out Safely (pedestrian safety)

The last two presentations are longer, and they combine information from two of the shorter programs listed above. They are:

  • Balance Your Life With Home Safety
  • On the Right Road & Stepping Out Safely

All modules contain instructor's notes.

Additional teaching materials:

  • Tests
    • There are four tests that accompany the first four short modules. These tests can be administered as pre-tests, post-tests, or both.
  • Brochures
    • There are four brochures, one for each of the four short modules. These brochures highlight the PowerPoint content and can be customized with your hospital logo before distribution.

For more information about the development of SLIP, see the article by Amy Koestner, Madonna Walters, Connie Mattice, Pat Manion, and Cara Seguin, Senior Lifestyles and Injury Prevention: Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Injury Prevention Program for Older Adults, in the Journal of Trauma Nursing, April-June 2009;16(2): 87-92.

The Society of Trauma Nurses thanks you for your continued dedication to the reduction of unintentional injury in your community.