STN Research Committee Releases Trauma Program Manager Role Delineation Study Report

In 2018, the Society of Trauma Nurses (STN) commissioned a role delineation study to catalogue the skills, knowledge, and tasks necessary to the profession of trauma program manager (TPM). Data from the STN Trauma Program Manager Role Delineation Study, conducted by Castle Worldwide, outlined the specific tasks required for the TPM role as reported by TPMs, and also collected information about the knowledge and skills required to function in the role.

“We have known anecdotally that the responsibilities of TPMs have grown and changed significantly over the past two decades,” said STN President Sarah Mattocks, MSN, FNP-C, TCRN, NE-BC. “Unfortunately, for as much as TPMs use data in our own institutions to drive quality improvement and deliver evidence-based care, we simply haven’t used a similar approach when evaluating the role of trauma program manager, until now.”

The STN Trauma Program Manager Role Delineation Study identified Six Domains unique to TPMs including the following:
  • Domain 1: A Continuum of Trauma Care (25%)
  • Domain 2: Professional Issues (28%)
  • Domain 3: Human Resources (18%)
  • Domain 4: Management of Physical Resources, Financial Resources, and Medical Professionals (11%)
  • Domain 5: Public Relations and Marketing (9%)
  • Domain 6: Project Management (10%)
The first steps in analyzing the role of a TPM were the listing of tasks performed and the identification of the knowledge and skills associated with each task. To accomplish this, a panel of subject matter experts assembled for a modified Delphi study to discuss the role of the TPM. Panel members represented a variety of practice settings and geographic regions. Subsequently, a sample of trauma nurses well-qualified to serve as TPMs was surveyed to validate the work of the job analysis panel. Based on the ratings gathered from the representative sample of professionals, the weightings for the domains and tasks in the framework were computed.

In 2019, the STN Board of Directors used findings from the TPM Role Delineation Study to inform the strategic planning process and prioritize the development of member resources. The STN Research Committee was soon established, and among its preliminary charges is to undertake a deeper analysis of Study data for the purpose of providing trauma nurses with relevant information that will help them advocate, lead, and successfully navigate the professional landscape as TPMs or future TPMs. STN will release more detailed information about each of the Six TPM Domains. In the meantime, click here to view the complete summary STN Trauma Program Manger Role Delineation Study Report.