STN Trauma Leadership and Clinical Excellence Award Nominations

Due September 3, 2018

On an annual basis, the Society of Trauma Nurses recognizes members who exemplify outstanding leadership and contribute to the field of trauma. We need your help! Please take a few minutes to nominate and recognize a colleague that exemplifies trauma leadership or clinical excellence.

STN Trauma Leadership Award

This award is presented to an individual, in the medical or non-medical field, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in trauma through practice, research, publication, education, patient advocacy, injury prevention, trauma system development or legislative involvements during their career at a local, state or national level.

To submit a nomination, click here. Nominations must be submitted through the online portal and include a current CV to be considered. Those not eligible are current members of the STN Board of Directors, any individual who has served on the STN Board of Directors in the past year, and any Leadership Award winner who received the award in the past three years.


STN Clinical Excellence Award

This award recognizes an outstanding STN member whose contributions to nursing fulfill the mission, vision and core values of STN. The nominee demonstrates outstanding clinical qualities by:
  • Consistently exhibiting compassion and commitment to advancing trauma nursing
  • Routinely goes above and beyond, demonstrating excellence in their role
  • Functions as an integral and contributing member of the healthcare team
  • Participates in practice standard development and/or decision making processes within their organization that influence positive outcomes for the trauma patient (i.e. Committee membership, development of guidelines)
  • Demonstrates breadth of knowledge in clinical nursing practice
  • Participates in mentorship, advocacy, community affairs, public education or volunteers for organizations that affect nursing practice
  • Inspires peers in their practice through demonstrating excellence in nursing practice.
Nominees for this award must be an RN, an STN member for one year by nomination date, have a minimum of 5 years of experience in trauma nursing and provide direct patient care approximately 850 hours a year.

To nominate a nurse, submit a letter of nomination with supporting data to address the award criteria. Include a copy of the nominee’s CV. Additional letters of support which describe the nominees contributions are encouraged. Current members of the Board of Directors of STN, Committee Chairs and Awards Committee members are not eligible for this award.

To submit a nomination, click here.
Nominations are due September 3, 2018.
The awards are presented during TraumaCon 2019, STN’s Annual Conference, which will be held March 27-29, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency/Lexington Convention Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

The award winners will receive airfare, hotel and a complimentary registration for the 2019 Annual Conference!