STN Pediatric and Adult Trauma Speakers Bureau Application

Purpose: To maintain a list of qualified trauma nursing speakers available to present at local, regional, or national conferences. This list can be accessed by STN members for conference planning. The list is maintained and updated on the STN website every 6 months by the Outreach/Collaboration Director at Large position.

Procedure: Prospective speakers in the area of pediatric or adult trauma nursing apply to be on the STN Speakers Bureau. A small of subcommittee of the STN Board of Directors evaluates the applicants according to pre-determined criteria (see below).

Prospective Speakers (documentation required) for application:
  • Current CV listing relevant experience in trauma nursing
  • Listing of speaking engagements previously completed (can be local, regional, or national)
  • Names of two references
  • Participant Evaluation Summary from 1 conference speaking experience
  • Videotaped lecture (if available-this is optional)
  • Listing of lecture topics
Applicant qualifications:
  • Knowledge/experience in either Pediatric or Adult trauma nursing care as evidenced by a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience in the ED, ICU, acute care, perioperative, or EMS setting.
  • Applicant has been an invited speaker for at least 2 local, regional or national conferences
  • Applicant must hold a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Nursing, preferable a Masters degree in nursing or other relevant area.