2018 Election

President-Elect (One opening)

Nathan A.M. Christopherson,MSN, MBA, RN, TCRN, CEN, EMT-P
Assistant Vice President
Northwell Health / Trauma Institute
Manhasset, NY

1. Current responsibilities/duties:
As the Assistant Vice President for the Northwell Trauma Institute I am responsible for the system wide integration of trauma care, quality improvement, education, injury prevention, and research across our six owned and two affiliated trauma centers. In my role, I collaborate with health system leadership to make corporate assets available to our trauma centers streamlining workflow and improving quality of work. One current project is the development of a system wide trauma registry and integration with our health system quality management institute. Through integration we can conduct quality reviews utilizing registry data and information from the electronic medical record to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Analysis is completed electronically and data is provided on a real-time graphical basis eliminating the need to run multiple reports reducing trauma program staff work load.

2. Experience/employment:
My experience in trauma started as child accompanying my father to EMT class serving as the pediatric practice manikin. At 13 I attended medical training through the National Ski Patrol and was student patroller of the year for my region. From here my career and interest in trauma has continued to grow. As a TPM I have managed combined ACS Level II adult and Level II pediatric trauma center and created an ACS Level I pediatric center. Prior to working as a TPM I was an emergency department (ED) RN, charge nurse, and developed nursing orientation and education programs for the emergency department. Using these programs, I worked closely with new hires to help them learn how to be a nurse in the ED. Prior to nursing I worked as a paramedic and continue to maintain national registration as an EMT-P. I served 12 years in the United States Army Reserve and Army National Guard as a combat medic and trauma RN. Service included a tour to Iraq from 2003 to 2004 as a combat medic.

3. Intent:
Trauma has always been my area of interest and I have been blessed to experience trauma care from many different fields. As a leader, I am dedicated to the continued advancement of trauma care as a profession, working collaboratively with other specialties to continually advance trauma care, prevention, and education through research and quality improvement.

4. Motivation:
I truly believe that the Society of Trauma Nurses is the premier nursing organization for trauma care. Previous leaders have done an outstanding job in creating opportunities for nurses to have a seat at the table with the American College of Surgeons bringing a nursing voice to the revision of trauma care standards. In addition, they have done an amazing job with raising the bar for our profession through the development of the TCRN exam. If elected to the office of President-Elect I would continue along this path supporting programs that have previously been established, in addition:\
  • I will work to further the involvement of bedside trauma RN’s in quality improvement and research projects through the establishment of research education and mentorship programs.
  • I will work to help further trauma nursing as a profession through the promotion of certification and pushing to develop a specialty trauma nursing fellowship and establishing the Academy of Trauma Nursing.
  • I will support continued collaboration with other professional trauma organizations and work with our surgeon partners to continue the advancement of trauma care.

Sarah L. Mattocks, MSN, RN, CRNP, TCRN, NE-BC
Trauma Program Manager
UPMC Hamot
Erie, PA

1. Current responsibilities/duties:
I am a Director-at-Large, with STN, serving my first term. I have served as the director for research initiatives. In this role, I have had an active part in implementation of the research grant program, trauma program manager research study, and the new BCEN TCRN scholarship program. I am also the outgoing co-chair of the STN Leadership Committee. In that role, I led implementation of the Leadership Institute and Leadership Extern programs.

Professionally, I am the Trauma Program Manager for a level II trauma center. I am responsible for the organization of services to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to providing care to trauma patients.

2. Experience/employment:
Upon graduating in 2002 from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a BSN, I became employed in a community hospital emergency department. During my time at that facility, I held many roles including; staff nurse, charge nurse, educator, SANE nurse, Trauma Nurse Coordinator. I was recruited to work at UPMC Hamot in April of 2012 following a challenging state trauma review. I joined the team as the Trauma PI Coordinator, transitioned to the Trauma Program Manager role two months later, and have now been employed by UPMC Hamot for nearly 6 years. In addition to my professional employment, I serve as the treasurer for the Pennsylvania Trauma Nurse Advisory Council and am a member of my children’s school board. Together with my husband and children, I remain active volunteering in our community.

3. Intent:
I am seeking the position of President-Elect. I believe I have the skills necessary to serve the Society of Trauma Nurses and continue to advance the mission of the organization. I strive to demonstrate a servant leadership style while creating alignment and high performance. I have served in various roles within the healthcare setting and community. I believe that my background, leadership style, and experience make me a prime candidate to continue to drive this organization forward.

4. Motivation:
I believe that nurses have a responsibility to further their profession by actively participating in professional organizations. I joined STN because of the mission of the organization to ensure optimal trauma care. I believe in STN’s commitment to being the premier organization for trauma nurses. The STN is a leading advocate for providing the best possible trauma care, while also ensuring that nurses have the resources necessary to care for our most seriously injured patients. I have benefited greatly from STN membership; I hope to continue to have the opportunity to be one of the leaders who shares experience and knowledge gained, in part, from experiences through this organization. I strive to continue to help create opportunities for colleagues to grow through the benefits of the STN. I am seeking this position because I believe that I have contributed to making a positive impact within the organization and believe that I will do so to an even greater extent as the President. I believe the members of the organization serve as leaders in Trauma Nursing and my goal is to continue to expand the recognition of the STN. The STN has grown since I joined, and I have enjoyed the benefits of its growth. As president-elect, I will have the chance to give back, while contributing to future organizational development. I appreciate the consideration for this office.

Treasurer(One opening)

Maria F. McMahon, MSN, RN, PNP-AC/PC
Trauma Program Manager
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, MA

1. Current responsibilities/duties:
As the Trauma Program Manager (TPM) for a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center, I work collaboratively with the Director of Trauma in planning, organizing and directing operational and administrative activities for the trauma center. I work together with hospital administration and a multidisciplinary trauma team to interpret and implement policies, procedures, standards and regulations for personnel, patients, and the public related to the care of trauma patients. Core components of responsibility include on?going review of internal systems of trauma care, patient review, performance improvement and management to ensure accuracy of data within the Trauma Registry. Departmental responsibilities also include overseeing the budget and providing leadership for employees. Under my supervision, the Injury Prevention specialists and Outreach Educator work to reduce the burden of injury and improve trauma care within the region through injury prevention and public education programs.

2. Experience/employment:
Over the past 25 years I have had a wide-range of experiences throughout the healthcare system. For the last 12 years as a TPM I have focused primarily on trauma system and clinical issues in addition to injury prevention initiatives. I have an active role at the hospital, partnerships with local providers, and served on regional and national trauma committees to pursue the goal of optimal trauma systems and care. This has facilitated many opportunities for personal and professional growth. I strive to be a leader and role model for novice nurses, a dedicated, motivated team member in committees and a trauma expert with knowledge in the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of trauma care in various settings. My present role, work history and committee involvement has allowed me to develop a better understanding of health care as it transitions and evolves.

3. Intent
As a current member of STN in good standing and a leader in Trauma, I seek to be re-elected for the position of Treasurer.

4. Motivation:
In the last two years, in my term as STN’s Treasurer, I’ve worked diligently each month to review the monthly financial reports, monitor income and expenses, actively participate in Board meetings and provide informed budget recommendations. The knowledge and experience of managing complex budgets that I have gained through my position as a TPM and role as the STN Treasurer have provided me with the requisite skills and insight to continue to support board oversight and financial operations. As the Treasurer, I faithfully strive to achieve the goals STN endorses. I am proactive, and I steadfastly advocate and promote the development of membership through sound investment recommendations while maintaining strict budget oversight. I recognize the importance of networking, communication and fiscal transparency in achieving STN’s goals. I am committed to implementing the strategic plan to advance trauma nursing, trauma education and leadership in the field of trauma.

Donna Nayduch, RN, MSN, ACNP, TCRN, CAISS
Assistant Vice President, Trauma for North Florida Division
North Florida Division, HCA Trauma
Ocala, FL

1. Current responsibilities/duties:
- 2016-current- AVP for the North Florida division includes 4 level II state designated/ACS verified trauma centers -support role in all areas of trauma program development - performance improvement, standards, staffing, education, implementing initiatives such as stop the bleed and the OFI app that logs all PI issues immediately with action in less than 24 hours; - actively work in all components of the trauma program director role; -professional memberships include STN, ATS, SCCM, ENA, and EAST (membership committee and practice management guideline committee); -. coordinator network trauma registry responsible for data definition, validation, standards, exports, and education. In addition to managing and monitoring the registry, my role is responsible for research monitoring and participation across the same 12 hospital network. I am currently the research coordinator for the largest randomized controlled study on rib plating involving 9 trauma centers.

2. Experience/employment:
I have been a trauma nurse for over 34 years with 30 of those in the trauma program director position (or trauma coordinator, or regional director, etc). I have started multiple trauma programs across the country including Level I-IV designated trauma centers; trauma consultant for 10 years helping to open new trauma centers in CA and FL, and Ocala Regional Medical Center in FL. In my professional career, I have been faculty for the ATS trauma registrars and trauma program directors courses. I remain faculty for the AAAM AIS course since 2000. I have written multiple publications and research projects including, "Nurse to Nurse: trauma care" my handbook to trauma nursing. I have presented papers both nationally and internationally for over 20 years including the most recent, "hip attack" protocol presented in China in September 2017.

3. Intent
Member of STN since it's origination and served at that time for several terms as a Director-at-Large as well as the Treasurer. -Opportunity to revitalize my relationship with STN and to come back to the Treasurer's position. I come with insight from birth to participating in and observing growth. We continue to have the opportunity for membership growth and to provide programs that support the valuable financial stability needed to continue to be the leading organization for trauma.

4. Motivation:
As noted, I have spent many years as a trauma program director and trauma nurse. The creation of the STN in the early years of my career was the bonus that helped propel trauma nursing to where we are now and where we are going. I was honored to participate in the STN board for many years early on and happy to return to the board in the treasurer role again to assist the growth in membership worldwide and continue to build the programs and innovative ideas which STN offers that provide financial stability for further growth. I look forward to the opportunity to provide this service to the STN by being a part of the board of directors again.

Director-at-Large (Three openings)

Jami Blackwell, RN, BSN, TCRN, CEN, BS
Trauma Program Manager
Springfield, MO

1. Responsibilities/duties:
I am currently the Trauma Program Manager of a Level I Trauma Center. I am responsible for the Acute Care Surgery and Trauma Program as well as the Orthopedic/Trauma Service Line. I oversee the trauma program assuring compliance with current trauma regulations.

2. Experience/employment:
I have been the Trauma Program Manager for the past seven years. Prior to this position, I was the Assistant Administrative Director of the Emergency Department with previous experience in the NTICU, PICU and flight nursing.

3. Intent:
I am interested in a position as one of the Directors at Large for the Society of Trauma Nurses. I feel this position makes the difference in collaboration with the American College of Surgeons, Emergency Nurses Association and other agencies we work with on a daily basis. It is important to collaborate across the continuum to provide the best possible outcome for the trauma patient.

4. Motivation:
STN continues to grow in recognition and has proven to be a strong organization for trauma nurses. I feel I would help enhance this as the organization continues to grow. I would like to continue to promote the TCRN certification exam. I would like to promote continuing education to trauma nurses across the continuum. One personal goal I have for my program and for trauma nursing is to continue to educate on the importance of recognition of the geriatric trauma patient. Another goal is to educate on the importance of palliative care in the trauma setting.

Lois L. Collins, MSN, RN, TCRN, CEN
Director, Center for Trauma and Critical Care
The George Washington University Hospital
Washington, D.C.

1. Responsibilities/duties:
I currently serve as the director for the center for trauma and critical care at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC. This role, which is known as the trauma program manager at many other facilities, is one that I have worked to transform into a position serving more than just trauma. With my team, we work to leverage the influence of our small department to create excellent outcomes for the injured patient across disciplines. I am involved with multiple committees throughout the hospital, within my community, and within STN.

2. Experience/employment:
Although most of my past experience is within the realm of emergency nursing and trauma, I have also served in multiple roles and responsibilities that strongly lend to leadership within STN. I have a MSN in Nurse Education, which I heavily draw on to find meaningful ways to disseminate information to people throughout the hospital. My experience as a military family member and practicing nursing overseas lends to my flexibility and ability to handle change. I serve as a duty officer in the DC Emergency Healthcare Coalition which has afforded me the opportunity to prepare for and respond to emergencies on a mass level by working with numerous personalities from a variety of hospital, clinical, and government settings.

3. Intent:
I am a passionate, dedicated, organized nurse leader. It would be a privilege to serve the Society of Trauma Nurses and it is my desire to work with the STN leadership team and member community to continue to drive engagement of the trauma nurse. I would like to work within STN to create systems, processes, and resources to drive excellent care and to bring awareness to the crucial roles trauma nurses play at all levels in the health care delivery system.

4. Motivation:
My motivation for seeking the position of director-at-large stems from my desire to serve my fellow trauma nurses. My goals include optimizing the presence of the clinical nurse in STN, increasing the membership and national recognition of STN, and enhancing opportunities for members to grow within the organization.

Melissa Hockaday, MSN, ACNP-BC
Service Line Director, Trauma & Acute Care Surgery
Indiana University Health
Indianapolis, Indiana

1. Responsibilities/duties:
Serve as Service Line Director, Trauma & Acute Care Surgery. The primary roles and responsibilities are to provide oversight of the adult Level I ACS verified trauma program and outline the strategic vision for the future. This role also supports a private hospital network’s regional trauma system, which includes a pediatric Level I ACS verified trauma center and 3 Level III ACS verified trauma centers. The primary goal is to implement strategies to make transitions in care seamless, reduce practice variation and standardize performance improvement initiatives on a trauma system level.

Clinical practice involves serving as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner for Trauma Services & Critical Care. I also serve as clinical director for all surgical advanced practice providers (APPs). Ensuring APPs practice at the top of their licensure, advocate and serve as a voice for the profession, provide coaching and mentorship, and implement strategies to ensure provider engagement.

2. Experience/employment.
Past experience includes over 17 years of emergency medicine, trauma & critical care nursing experience. The entirety of this nursing experience was at a Level I trauma center within an urban academic medical center. I served as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with Trauma Services for 11 years. I also served as Trauma Program Manager for 7 years at a Level I ACS verified trauma center. Recently I was promoted to Service Line Director to enhance our private hospital’s trauma system encompassing two Level I centers and 3 Level III trauma centers.

I have over 10 years of leadership experience in nursing, advanced practice and hospital administration. Those roles included charge nurse, shift coordinator, advanced practice provider team lead, advanced practice provider manager, clinical director for surgical advanced practice, providers’ trauma program manager, trauma director, and service line director for trauma and acute care surgery.

3. Intent:
As director at large for the upcoming term, the focus will be on continuing to coach and mentor emerging leaders, understanding the scope of the Trauma Program Manager nationally and ensuring sustainability of our team members. As well as focusing on advanced practice providers scope, utilization and well-being in a rapidly changing healthcare system.

4. Motivation:
My motivation for running for the board of directors is driven by my internal passion for advancing trauma nursing in areas of research, education, leadership and clinical expertise nationally and internationally. In the past 2 years, I have had the privilege of serving as an STN board member director at large for leadership. During that time, it has been remarkable to be part of an organization that elevates trauma care, trauma nursing and advanced practice providers nationally. The strategic vision of STN is aligned with my professional goals: advocacy for trauma initiatives, providing support and education for professional development, and ensuring our colleagues are developed as strong leaders in their communities. This organization will continue to emerge new leaders and be highly sustainable due to the strategic partnerships with key professional organization EAST, TCAA, AAST, ATS, ENA, WTA and WHO.

My goals for the future on Society of Trauma Nurses’ Board of Directors is to serve as a role model, change agent, and advocate for trauma nurses.

Heather Talbott, MSN, APRN
Trauma Program and Practice Manager
Bryan Medical Center
Lincoln, NE

1. Responsibilities/duties:
I am currently the Trauma Program and Practice Manager at Bryan Medical Center in Lincoln, Ne. Bryan Medical Center is an ACS Verified Level II trauma center. I currently oversee th etrauma service line in conjunction with our health systems strategic initiatives and insure our trauma program aligns with the standards and criteria set forth by the American College of Surgeons. I am honored to be able to work directly with the front line staff in the trauma center as well as pre-hospital and those in critical access hospitals. Being able to educate and enhance the entire trauma system is one of my biggest joys. I often tell people it is not the trauma center that saves lives- it is the trauma system.

I am responsible for service line budgeting and expense management and am fortunate to represent Bryan Medical Center at meetings, conferences and board meetings.

2. Experience/employment:
I first started in healthcare as a CNA and worked my way up to an LPN, RN, BSN, MSN and just recently graduated with my post masters Family Nurse Practitioner. My clinical experience includes working in the Neuro/Trauma Intensive care as a floor nurse as well as working as a Case Manager in an Acute Rehab hospital on a brain injury and pediatric unit. Both of these work experiences gave me a firm foundation of trauma nursing and sparked my passion. I became a nurse manager on our Neuro Unit and then for 3 years I was the Trauma Outreach and Injury Prevention Coordinator at our Trauma Center. Most recently (as of January 2017) I became the Bryan Trauma Program and Practice Manager which is a position I am extremely passionate about and absolutely love.

3. Intent:
My intent is to seek the position of Director at Large for Outreach. I am extremely passionate about bringing people together. As trauma nurses we have the unique gift to unite disciplines from across healthcare and beyond to strive for amazing patient outcomes and the best practice environments for all to collaborate and succeed. I am excited for the opportunity to be able to join a group of collaborative and innovated leaders as part of the Society of Trauma Nurses (STN) Board of Directors.

4. Motivation:
At the annual meeting as Society of Trauma Nurses members we review the mission. STN is focused on ensuring optimal trauma care to all people regardless of their location through initiatives that are focused on collaboration with other healthcare disciplines. The mission statement continues by saying this is accomplished by interdisciplinary collaboration in the delivery of trauma care throughout the continuum. My motivation is simply a desire from within to make a difference in an organization I believe in.

As a Director at Large with the focus on Outreach my goals would be focused on engagement and retention of our current members as well as engaging other disciplines and organizations in the trauma continuum.
  • Utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to engage current STN members in benefits and current opportunities in regards to their STN membership
  • Utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out and engage non-STN members of the benefits of membership
  • Develop ongoing collaborates among other professional organizations such as American Association of Nurse Practitioners, American Academy of Physician Assistants, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, American College of Surgeons etc.
  • Continue to build and form the relationships that have been built and created by the leaders of STN
  • Develop a task force of members to brainstorm on the continuous growth and develpment of STN

LeAnne Young, MSN, RN, TCRN
Pediatric Trauma Coordinator
Memorial Regional/Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
Hollywood, FL

1. Responsibilities/duties:
As a Pediatric Trauma Coordinator I maintain direct oversight over all aspects of the Pediatric Trauma Program at the ACS verified Adult Level 1/Pediatric Level 2 center where I work. My responsibilities include all administrative duties, performance improvement, protocol and policy development and monitoring for compliance, and the ongoing growth and development of the program. Additionally, I maintain active involvement in pediatric injury prevention and outreach through collaboration with hospital educators and community partners. I also serve as the Course Director/Instructor for ATCN and I am a Course Director/Instructor for other nationally recognized trauma nursing educational programs.

2. Experience/employment:
I have been a Registered Nurse since 2005 and have spent the majority of my professional career dedicated to pediatric trauma and emergency care. My non-pediatric specific experience includes one year of post-acute trauma care management for patients (adult and pediatric) with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, and two years of trauma clinical research. Of my pediatric trauma and emergency care experience, most of my early professional years were spent at the bedside in a large community based free standing children’s hospital and state designated pediatric trauma center. My remaining nursing professional career has been dedicated to pediatric trauma program administration. I have a passion for pediatric trauma care and for nursing education. Additionally, my MSN in Nursing Education has provided me with the opportunity to teaching nursing students and registered nurses in a variety of formats (online, simulation, didactic).

3. Intent:
It is my intent to serve the STN through the promotion and enhancement of trauma educational activities or through outreach activities; to leverage my passion for trauma care and my experience in trauma education and/or outreach to represent the needs of the organization; to foster growth and development in these areas of the Society’s strategic plan; and professionally represent the mission and vision of the organization through all activities, encounters and collaborations.

4. Motivation:
My goal is to dedicate my nursing professional career to the improvement of trauma patient care on a global level. Excellence in trauma nursing education and/or trauma outreach will form the foundation of this endeavor. As I continue to grow as a trauma nursing professional I continue to seek opportunities to serve the trauma community and give back to the nursing profession.

To access the ballot, click here. The deadline to vote is February 1, 2018.