2019 Election

STN Members: You will be receiving the link to the 2019 Board of Directors ballot via email. Please contact info@traumanurses.org if you have not received it.

President-Elect (1 Candidate)

Candidate: Maria F. McMahon, MSN, RN, PNP-PC/AC
Trauma Program Manager
Boston Children's Hospital

Responsibilities: As the Trauma Program Manager (TPM) for a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center, I work collaboratively with the Director of Trauma in planning, organizing and directing operational and administrative activities for the trauma center. I work together with hospital administration and a multidisciplinary trauma team to interpret and implement policies, procedures, standards and regulations for personnel, patients, and the public related to the care of trauma patients. Core components of responsibility include an ongoing review of internal systems of trauma care, patient review, performance improvement and management to ensure accuracy of data within the Trauma Registry. Departmental responsibilities also include overseeing the budget and providing leadership for employees. Under my supervision, the Injury Prevention specialists and Outreach Educator work to reduce the burden of injury and improve trauma care within the region through injury prevention and public education programs.

Past Experience: Over the past 26 years I have had a wide-range of experiences throughout the healthcare system. For the last 13 years as a TPM I have focused primarily on trauma system and clinical issues in addition to injury prevention initiatives. I have an active role at the hospital, partnerships with local providers, and served on regional and national trauma committees to pursue the goal of optimal trauma systems and care. This has facilitated many opportunities for personal and professional growth. I strive to be a leader and role model for novice nurses, a dedicated, motivated team member in committees and a trauma expert with knowledge in the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of trauma care in various settings. My present role, work history and committee involvement has allowed me to develop a better understanding of health care as it transitions and evolves.

Statement of Intent: As a current member of STN in good standing, I am seeking the position of President Elect. I have been an active member of STN participating on various SIGs and committees, then as a Board member as a Director at Large and now as Treasurer. I am passionate about being a pivotal force as we work toward achieving STN’s mission to promote optimal trauma nursing care to all people globally.

Motivation: As a new TPM, I learned a great deal from extensive networking with members. There’s a common language, similar challenges and goals. Whether a novice or expert in the Trauma world, STN members are dedicated to helping each other. As I gained experience, I participated on SIGs and Committees. Consequently, I came to realize the depth of commitment this organization has in the field of trauma nursing, and that I wanted more responsibility for making things happen. I was fortunate to be elected as a Director at Large for two terms. Still, I wanted to do more. I’m now in my second term as Treasurer. I’m proactive and steadfastly advocate and promote the development of membership through sound investment recommendations while maintaining strict budget oversight. I’ve worked hard to represent the members needs and goals on the Board and have faithfully strived to achieve the objectives STN endorses. I recognize the importance of networking,
communication and fiscal transparency in achieving STN’s goals. I am committed to implementing the strategic plan to advance trauma nursing, trauma education and leadership in the field of trauma.

Secretary (1 Candidate)

Candidate: Amy Krichten, MSN, RN, CEN, TCRN
Director of Accreditation
Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation

Responsibilities: Responsible for the leadership, direction and oversight of all accreditation and trauma center developmental activities for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Chair of PA Standards Committee. Accountable to PTSF Executive Director and Board of Directors. Direct reports from Manager of Accreditation and Manager of Trauma Center Development.

Past Experience: Previously I was the Trauma Program Manager at WellSpan Health York Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center; Nurse Manager of the Trauma/Neuro ICU at Lancaster General Hospital, a Level 2 Trauma Center; Clinical Operations Manager of Orthopedic and Spine Specialists, encompassing 30 Orthopedists and Physiatrists; and the Educator/Charge Nurse and Staff Nurse in various Emergency Departments.

Statement of Intent: While in the position of Director at Large for STN, I have fulfilled this role as the Organizational Liaison for past term. If elected, I would appreciate the honor of continuing this role and building upon strong relationships with our collaborating partners. STN has leveraged our expertise to be recognized as the lead agency for Trauma Nurses and continued development of these strategic partnerships is a core value in our mission and vision.

Motivation: My motivation for running for office are to continue to serve an organization of which I am a proud member. It is an honor to represent STN with partnering organizations. I have had the opportunity to connect STN committees and members with resources in efforts to advance their work. I have been an active and contributing member of the Board of Directors and am able to provide a systems-oversight perspective. I truly believe in giving-back to an organization (STN) who has given me so much!  My goals for a Secretary position would be to represent STN as a partnering organization to our collaborative efforts. I will provide timely and clear communication to inquiries, representing STN in a professional and efficient manner. I am most excited about the new mission/vision statements and participating in Board decisions to advance our organization, including an increased world-wide presence.

International Director-at-Large (1 Candidate)

Candidate: Knut Magne Kolstadbraaten, RN, CRNA, MNS
Head of Trauma Coordinators
Oslo University Hospital

Responsibilities: 1. Head of Trauma Coordinators, Department of Traumatology at Oslo University Hospital. I am responsible for the coordination of trauma research in the hospital. Our department is a member of a European research network focusing on acute coagulopathy and inflammation in trauma. 2. Director for the Norwegian Trauma Course for Nurses (KITS). KITS is a non-profit course focusing the initial assessment of the trauma patient and the nurse role in the trauma team. The course duration is two days with theoretical and practical lesions and exams. There are instructors in all hospitals who admit trauma patients. I am responsible for 160 instructors. 3. International Director at Large Society of Trauma Nurses. I have served two periods at the board of STN. Focusing on establishing an international council and a basic trauma course for nurses. 4. Author for the Norwegian trauma manual and the textbook in Anesthesia Nursing

Past Experience: Head of Trauma Coordinators, OUH-Ullevaal, 2016- Project Coordinator, OUH-Ullevaal, Department of Traumatology, 2011 - 2016 Master Degree in Nursing Science, University of Oslo, 2014 -   Nurse anesthetist, Oslo University Hospital (OUH) Ullevaal, shift work, covering all specialties, trauma included. 2006 - 2011 Nurse anesthetist studies Oslo University College, 2005 - 2006 RN Oslo University Hospital, Cardiac ICU and PACU, 2004 - 2005 Started in ICU/PACU/dispatch center at Stokmarknes hospital, Northern Norway, 2003 - 2004 RN TÃbingen University Hospital, Germany, thoracic ward 2001 - 2003 Registered Nurse (RN) in a rural area in the northern part of Norway 2001 Bachelor of Nursing. Lovisenberg Diaconal University and College and Flinders University Australia (5th semester), 2001

Statement of Intent: Many countries have major challenges in their health care systems. I want to work to share knowledge and experience between countries. Develop the International council with in STN and increase the network among nurses all over the globe • Collaborate with ATCN in reaching out to new countries and support international sites. Support the international TOPIC course. Contribute to nursing research on trauma patients. Develop and implement a basic trauma course for nurses.

Motivation: I want to contribute to developing STN to become a global nursing organization with nurses from the whole globe. I am very experienced in establishing networks and have a growing international network in the field of trauma. I will support and encourage nurses to do research and present cases / studies (local, national and international). Nurses have an important role in the multidisciplinary trauma team. I would like to make nurses roles in the trauma team visible, as that role needs to be clear for all team members. There is a general need to improve trauma competence among nurses. We need adequate trauma courses. There is a big need of a basic trauma course for nurses and we are working on making this course. After two periods on the board of STN, I have learnt a lot and I will continue to make STN growing internationally.

Clinical Director-at-Large (2 Candidates)

Candidate: John R. Lunde, DNP, AGACNP/FNP-BC, TCRN, CCRN, FCCM
Senior Nurse Intensivist, Division of Critical Care
ICC Healthcare, Orange Park Medical Center

Responsibilities: I work as a Advance Practice Provider in the Division of Critical Care. I work solo in the ICU providing direct coordination of care for the critically ill patients in the ICU. When on trauma call, I respond to trauma alerts, provide care in the resuscitation bay and then assist with ICU and floor management of the patient as needed. I am ICU based.

Past Experience: I have been involved in the care of the trauma population for over 30 years in various aspects. I started as a Paramedic then after nursing school, worked in the both resuscitation area and SICU. I progressed in my career and was Trauma CNS and then Program Coordinator. I Went back to the pre-hospital arena as a flight nurse. Most recently, I was a Trauma Director then APP for Critical care. For most of my career, I have taught trauma related education to nurses and paramedics. I have been an ATLS Coordinator for many years and remain active in the program as a coordinator for the USF CAMLS program here in Florida.

Statement of Intent: I want to continue to demonstrate the importance of the APP role in the trauma system. The Trauma Team encompasses multiple disciplines and individuals. Each has a purpose and brings talent to the process of management of the trauma patient. The APP role is still being developed in many areas. I believe having this role represented on the board is important.

Motivation: I have been serving on a couple of nation committees the last few years and these terms will be ending in 2019. I now have time to devote to a role with the STN and feel confident I can bring a skill set and knowledge base that will complement the mission of the organization. Thank you.

Candidate: Linda Kate Reinhart, MSN, RN, CNS, CCRN, TCRN
Clinical RN TNICU/Trauma Educator
Lehigh Valley Health Network

Responsibilities: Currently, I serve as a bedside clinician in Trauma Neuro ICU at LVHN. My role includes precepting and mentoring RN staff/students, and functioning as the charge nurse. I serve on the unit education committee and manage the staff’s educational profile and trauma education records to insure state standard compliance. I serve as a member of Special Disease Containment Team and attend educational in-services and drills to maintain preparedness in caring for those suffering from special diseases. My role includes providing trauma education for bedside nurses. Formally, I teach in our 3-day trauma Nurse Course providing lectures on neuro trauma, spinal cord injury, maxillofacial trauma, and other topics. I serve as ATCN Course Director. I serve as the chair of our Trauma program's annual conference committee. We hold an annual 2-day trauma conference which provides educational opportunity for approx. 250 people each day.

Past Experience: Over past 32 years, I've worked in trauma nursing & trauma programs at LVHN, a Level I Adult, Level II Pediatric Trauma Center, & ABA Verified Burn Center. With experience in Trauma Neuro ICU as a bedside clinician & trauma educator, I also have had experience as assistant unit director & interim director. I 've served as Trauma Patient Care Specialist, focusing on providing orientation & education for trauma nurses across continuum. My responsibilities also included role of quality officer/ performance improvement. While completing my MSN as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, I functioned in role as Adult Trauma Coordinator. Responsibilities included supporting PI process, coordinating care with team members. Served as a trauma educator & participated in community & EMS outreach. I've previously chaired a SIG, sit on ATCN Exec Committee & am ATCN National Educator. I am Proboard certified volunteer firefighter.

Statement of Intent: I wish to serve in the role of STN's Clinical Director-At-large. Please accept my request for nomination. I am committed to this awesome responsibility and will meet and exceed the expectations of the role of an STN Director. I hope to serve STN Board and all members within the content of STN's mission, vision, and strategic goals.

Motivation: Having served now as the Clinical Director-At-large in this current term, I am excited to be a part of STN's initiatives particularly related to the promotion and support for its clinical members. This director role was added to the Board to ensure a constant focus on clinical-based initiatives and educational opportunities for clinical members. I have been privileged and honored to have been elected to this position and hope to be able to continue to serve in this role for an additional term. With the development of the clinical committee we have accomplished a lot in a short time. Providing our members with an updated Electronic Trauma Library, and offering monthly educational webinars are two examples. Our committee continues to grow and become involved in other initiatives that align with STN's strategic plan. Having always spent much of my career dedicated to clinical practice & education, and actively caring for patients at bedside myself I have an understanding of rewards, challenges, and needs of trauma nurses and will continue to strive to support all trauma nurses
nationally and internationally through this Director position. I hope that all clinical nurse throughout the continuum of trauma care will find STN to be the premier/global trauma nurse organization.

Director-at-Large (5 Candidates)

Candidate: Kristen M. Chreiman, MSN, RN, CCRN, TCRN
Trauma Network and Program Clinical Coordinator
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Responsibilities: Directs operational management of the Penn Trauma Network (PTN) which consists of several PA Trauma Centers. I lead the PTN activities organizing monthly meetings discussing the topics of education, research, leadership, peer review, APP and Trauma Registry focused continuing education. Directs the coordination of operations, development, data management, and accreditation process across the trauma network. Supervises the Trauma Registry and their interface with PI. Oversees the data analytics that provide the foundation for trauma program growth and development and supports the robust trauma research mission for our academic Level I regional resource trauma center. I am on the Leadership Committee for the STN and the editorial board of the JTN. I am the Digital Development Editor for the Journal of Trauma nursing and I have many publications and have lectured both Nationally and Internationally on the topics of IO access, video review, and technology.

Past Experience: As a clinician, I have worked in Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Units and as a flight nurse for the PennSTAR Flight Program. I have had experience with Trauma Performance Improvement for the last 18 years, Trauma program leadership since 2007 serving as a consultant mentoring Trauma Program Leadership, Performance Improvement Coordinators and Trauma Registry. Our organization made a strategic decision to relocate the Level I trauma center from where it had been located for 27 years, to another hospital in the system less than a mile away. I was tasked with maintaining the operations of the current facility and the relocation of the Divisional offices and in-house patients. More recently, I have led teams to successfully develop 3 mobile applications with the mission to enhance; team building/communication for the Division, EMS accessibility to resources and wayfinding, and family experience for those whose loved ones are transferred into Penn Medicine for trauma and acute rescue.

Statement of Intent: If elected to the position of Director-At-Large, I would like to offer my unique experiences with trauma program development and love of technology to create innovative ways to improve the global reach of STN and to enhance the connection with existing and potential membership.

Motivation: My name is Kristen Chreiman and I am thrilled to be applying for the position of Director at Large for the Society of Trauma Nurses. I have been a member of STN for the last 8 years. During that time, I have been inspired to transition from an active listener to an active participant in evolving trauma clinical care, quality improvement, innovation and research. In 2016 I became the Online Editor for the Journal of Trauma Nursing. In 2017 I joined the STN Leadership Committee to fulfill a mission of finding ways to help others like myself who wanted to enhance the delivery of trauma care and their skills in leading others. Through the involvement of these two positions, I have had the privilege of networking with many nurses both nationally and internationally. With the support of STN and JTN, I began to expand the engagement on social media (from 1200 to over 7400 FB followers, 620 twitter followers) as well as the JTN website using images, podcasts, videos and multiple languages. During this time I had the unique opportunity to present at the Pan American Trauma Society conference and also sit as an invited guest on STN’s International Committee. I heard the need for improved integration with our membership globally and their thirst for knowledge to advance their clinical skills, break barriers for physician/ nurse collaboration, build trauma registries and improve their ability to implement quality and initiatives for trauma care. I also see the need to create data dictionaries for performance improvement, enhance strategies for defining those who are ranked as high performing centers in clinical care and outcomes so that we can help transfer that knowledge and lessons learned with others in a more transparent way. I truly believe that no matter how large or small the trauma center is, we can always learn from each other. I would like to have the opportunity to provide ways to empower fellow nurses to make a difference in the delivery of that trauma care for their patients, their community and as a profession.

Candidate: Jasmine Garces-King, DNP, RN, CCRN, TCRN, ACNP-BC
Trauma Program Director
Orange Regional Medical Center

Responsibilities: As Trauma Program Director I oversee all aspects of the trauma program in conjunction with the Trauma Medical Director. Administrative oversight of program staff, budgeting, clinical education, performance improvement, community outreach, and program initiatives/collaborative endeavors all fall within my scope. My organization is currently seeking American College of Surgeons Verification as a Level II trauma center.

Past Experience: Over my 17+ year career I have been fortunate to work across the trauma spectrum in various capacities. I began my career as a diploma nurse in an urban academic Level I medical center on a medical-surgical trauma unit. I then transitioned to a PCU and subsequently the SICU where I found my true passion in caring for critically ill patients. Subsequent roles included Liver transplant coordinator, Assistant Nurse Manager for the critical care division with oversight of eight critical care areas including five adult ICUs and three PCUs, trauma/critical care education specialist, and Nurse Practitioner on the trauma/critical care service in the same center. Most recently, I assumed a leadership role to assist in building a Level II trauma center and obtaining ACS verification. The site visit is impending for early 2019 which is very exciting!

Statement of Intent: When I was 15, my grandfather died suddenly. It became very clear to me how traumatic sudden injury and death effects families. I vowed to dedicate my professional career to trauma nursing to change outcomes for injured patients and their families. What I have learned over my career is that change does not only have to happen directly at the bedside, our scope is far larger than we realize. Obtaining a BOD position will allow me the prospect of continuing to fulfill my vow.

Motivation: I first became a member of STN while working as an ICU nurse and can clearly recall the application for membership was still on paper and received via fax! Although I was a member, I was not an active member at that time due to being a career student and several personal life transitions. I became intimately involved with STN in 2015 as I was finalizing my doctoral degree after attending TraumaCon and reaching out to some committee members as well as networking with many other trauma colleagues from across the country. It was then that I realized I was interested in having a much larger footprint on trauma nursing and trauma care than what I had been doing locally and within my organization. STN provided the platform for dialogue and action to occur, it was a welcome and timely situation. In the time I have been an active member of STN the opportunities afforded to me and the trajectory of my career have been immeasurable. In turn, as all relationships should be mutually beneficial, I have been fortunate in having the honor of representing STN in many facets and serving in many roles within the organization and with partner organizations. Committee work, committee leadership, presentations, leadership development, guideline development, succession planning, and creation of educational content are just a few of the areas in which I have served. Having worked in the trauma specialty for the entirety of my career and being intimately involved within STN since 2015 a transition to the Board of Directors is the natural progression for me. My goals are to continue to serve the organization and the needs of the membership in whatever capacity is necessary with the skill set I have acquired. I hope to continue to grow the community of trauma nurses with innovative approaches for more global STN reach in truly fulfilling the mission and vision of the organization and impacting trauma care.

Candidate: Jolene Kittle, MS, RN, ACCNS-AG, NE-BC, TCRN, CCRN-K CEN, CFRN
Trauma Program Manager
Upstate Medical University

Responsibilities: Provides leadership for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the ACS Verified Level I Trauma Program. Responsible for the organization of services and systems necessary for a multidisciplinary approach to providing care to the injured patient. Participates in and provides oversight to the trauma registry, performance improvement program, injury prevention and outreach. This role also includes supervision of the trauma program team.

Past Experience: I have 10 years of direct patient care experience in trauma including Emergency Department, SICU, Acute Care Surgery, Code Team/ICU Float and 5 years as a critical care flight RN. I am currently the Trauma Program Manager at an ACS Verified Level I Center. I have a Master of Science in Nursing as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and am currently working on my PhD in nursing with a focus in gang/street violence. I recently became Faculty for TCAR Education Programs and have been traveling to teach. I am also a TNCC instructor and teach Rural Trauma Team Development Course. I was a successful beta tester for the TCRN and am now am an item writer for the exam. I am a peer reviewer for the Journal of Trauma Nursing. I have served as the Treasurer for the NYS American Trauma Society Board of Directors. I currently am on the ACS Chapter 16 revision team and also serve on the following committees: STN Membership and Marketing, TCAA Annual Meeting, TCAA Systems, and EAST MCT Committees.

Statement of Intent: It is my intention to run for and fully commit to the position of Director-at-Large for the Board of Directors for STN, should I be elected. It would be my honor and privilege to serve the board, the membership and the profession of trauma nursing.

Motivation: When I was 9, I helped care for my Nana who had terminal cancer. I will always be grateful for that time I was able to spend with her and hopefully provide comfort. Although a bit young, I knew then that I wanted to make a career out of being there for people when they were at their worst. It didn’t evolve into caring for those with cancer but manifested into caring for those at their worst from injury. The Society of Trauma Nurses has played an important role in my development and growth as a trauma nurse and trauma leader. STN is at the forefront of trauma nursing, creating an exciting future. I grew from wanting to make a difference at the individual patient level, to the trauma center level and would love the opportunity to be a part of making a difference at the national level, in this way. In addition to making a difference for patients, part of this growth has included a development of a passion support and mentor nurses, making a difference in that way also. These 2 passions will be at the forefront of my goals for this position. If elected, a goal I have is to help create an updated Strategic Plan for STN as the current one ends in December 2018. As a PhD student, I am especially interested in trauma research and that is one of the tenets of the Strategic Plan that has an opportunity for development. It would be critical in serving as executive liaison to the Journal of Trauma Nursing committee as per the role of the Secretary. Additionally, I would love the opportunity to serve as liaison to the Annual Conference Planning Committee and Education Committee. The revitalization of the monthly webinars has been a great benefit to membership. I would be excited to help facilitate the growth of this endeavor. Another goal I would pursue, is to work toward establishing global trauma initiatives with the WHO as outlined in the Strategic Plan. Lastly, it is imperative to work with the Board to grow and maintain membership, especially for the direct care clinical trauma nurses. The membership is the most important element. It would be my privilege to serve the organization on the Board of Directors.

Candidate: Cristy Meyer, RN, MSN, CEN, TCRN
Trauma Program Manager
Northwell - North Shore University Hospital

Responsibilities: Current trauma program manager of a Level 1 ACS verified trauma center in suburban Long Island, NY. In this role I have worked to create a culture of collaboration and environment of trust, built on the foundations of ACS trauma center criterion with a focus on innovation and communication. My current role is to provide leadership across departments to ensure quality, safety and a positive patient and staff experience in the delivery of trauma care. In addition to the management of the trauma registry, which collects and records data concurrently during patient admission I participate in the development of outreach initiatives in my region and state. Additionally I provide trauma nursing instruction, coordinate ATLS for regional trauma providers and offer TCRN preparation courses. I'm also an active participant in the local and statewide trauma advisory committee, as chair the New York State Registry committee.

Past Experience: I began my career as a rural volunteer EMT responding to EMS calls in my community for 5 years. This served as a true foundation for my interest in trauma nursing. I became a Registered Professional Nurse 21 years ago, working in post cardiothoracic surgery and electrophysiology for the first 4 years of my career. I transitioned to the Emergency Department as a staff RN, providing in a suburban Long Island Emergency Department serving 100,000 patients per year. I worked as a night Assistant Nurse Manager and Nurse Manager before making my transition as a full-time trauma administrator. Immediately preceding my transition to the ED I assisted in the design and launch of an EMR, specifically with electronic trauma documentation as well as assuring funding and training scheduling for TNCC for all ED nursing staff.

Statement of Intent: I am interested in serving on the Society of Trauma Nurses board as a Director-at-Large.

Motivation: Over the past few years I have seen the benefits of trauma nursing preparation and the important role I have played as a nurse advocate for legislative initiatives protecting patients, preventing injury and providing funding for the future of trauma care in our region and country. As a Director-at-large I can provide the leadership and mentorship to trauma nurses and the trauma care community to promote evidence-based, trauma care. As a Director-at Large I can help motivate nurses to actively participate in their role as advocate and provide the resources and education to promote active participation in the development of trauma systems and the resources necessary to provide access to quality trauma care.

Candidate: Melissa Smith, MSN, RN
Trauma Program Manager
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Responsibilities: I currently function as the TPM for Vanderbilt University Medical Center, a level 1 ACS Trauma Center. I have been in this role for 7 years now and have grown this program from a state verified center to an ACS verified center. I manage the trauma registry, PI nurse and outreach program here. I implement and coordinate trauma related performance improvement activities. These activities include outcome and cost analysis, preparing benchmark data reports, hospital trauma registry system reports and Level I Trauma Center specific clinical indicators as recommended by the ACS.I also am a site visitor for the State of Tennessee, sit on numerous state boards as well as our state's Trauma Council Advisory Committee (TCAC). Among those duties I am also the Chair for the STN Nurse Membership committee and also sit on the STN social media sub-committee.

Past Experience: My past experiences/employment include being a Trauma ICU nurse for 6 years. I then went onto to get a double Masters in Nursing Education and Family Nurse Practitioner. After completion of that I became the Trauma ICU Nurse Educator where I was in that role for 3+ years before taking on the Trauma Program Manager role.

Statement of Intent: I am very interested in a leadership role with the STN after experiencing my years as a Trauma Program Manager and a STN member for 6+ years. I feel that I am skilled at communicating effectively with diverse people across various platforms. I am passionate about staying up to date with latest best practices and sense that I can contribute a lot of my qualities to a leadership role with STN.

Motivation: My motivation for running for office is seeing all the relationships that can be built within this organization. There are so many opportunities available and I would be honored to be a part of it. My goals if elected would be to strengthen the mentoring program for one. I would love to pay it forward and help other struggling TPMs, PI Nurses and staff nurses just as others in this organization helped me. Trauma is a TEAM sport and you should not have to re-invent the wheel. I want to help out others as much as I can. Another goal I would like to achieve is increasing our membership numbers, especially to bedside nurses. They are the heart and sole of taking care of our trauma population and I know they could utilize all the resources that STN has to offer.