Strategic Plan (12/1/2016 to 12/31/2018)

December 12, 2017: STN’s mission is to ensure the delivery of optimal trauma care across the continuum and across the globe.

Status: On Track

Advocacy—Promote excellence in trauma care through advocacy and public policy.
  • Commission/conduct trauma program manager (TPM) study.
  • Partner with the World Health Organization (WHO) to advance global trauma initiatives.
  • Develop resources for STN members to use to shape public policy.
  • Advocate for implementation of the National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) recommendations found in its landmark publication, “A National Trauma Care System: Integrating Military and Civilian Trauma Systems to Achieve Zero Preventable Deaths after Injury

Education—Establish and provide the highest quality educational resources for trauma professionals.
  • Update the e-Library.
  • Assess STN’s educational programming initiatives to identify and mitigate gaps in content and programming.
  • Establish and develop a clinical committee to execute initiatives identified through the clinical survey.
  • Establish a committee chair council, for the purpose of developing resources across focus areas and across the continuum of care.
  • Establish a framework and delivery model to provide educational programming to nurses globally.

Leadership—Design and execute leadership development activities and resources for STN and its members.
  • Formulate and implement succession plan to include committee chairs.
  • Enhance board training and development activities to ensure continued learning.
  • Expand board orientation program.
  • Establish a program for leadership development and engagement of international members.
Research--Develop and execute initiatives that promote excellence and research across the continuum of trauma care.
  • Implement grant funding program for trauma research.

Alliance-building—Create a culture of alliance-building and build coalitions to achieve mission-driven objectives.
  • Assess mission and goals, identify partners and establish relationships to achieve objectives.
  • Support the STN international council to develop relationships and opportunities globally.

  • On Track: Objective is on schedule
  • High Risk: At risk, with a high risk of going off track
  • At Risk: Milestones missed but date intact
  • Off Track: Date will be missed if action not taken

The Society of Trauma Nurses is a professional nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure optimal trauma care to all people globally through initiatives focused on trauma nurses related to prevention, education and collaboration with other healthcare disciplines. The Society of Trauma Nurses advocates for the highest level of quality trauma care across the continuum. We accomplish this through an environment that fosters visionary leadership, mentoring, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration in the delivery of trauma care.

To be the premiere global nursing organization across the trauma continuum.

Collaboration, Education, Innovation, Leadership, Mentoring, and Prevention

Membership, Education, Leadership and Collaboration, Research and Optimal Clinical Care, Legislation and Public Policy, Outreach and Injury Prevention

Membership Retention, Engagement and Participation, Financial Viability and Stability, Adoption of Educational Activities, and Succession Planning