ATCN Live Video Conferencing Option (ATCN-LVC)

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VERSION  8-16-2011

Live Video Conferencing: is defined as the ability to support real time visual and audio two-way conferencing utilizing standards based video conferencing modalities.  Live video conferencing is not webinar or skype based technology.

  1. Options for how the Live Video Conferencing  Option Course can be used;
    1. Provide a one time or recurring student course for a remote location that will not be conducting its own ATCN programs.
    2. Establish an independent ATCN site that does not have local ATLS courses.

  2. Criteria
    1. Requests for an initial LVC course must be approved by the National ATCN Chair.  Unless there are quality concerns following the initial LVC course, subsequent courses may be approved by the national office as with standard courses.
    2. The ATCN Faculty to student ratio is according to standard ATCN policy. The ATCN LVC site must meet the same faculty requirements as specified for any ATCN course.

  3. LVC Site Criteria
    1. Letter of support from ATLS Course Director specifically approving use of the live video conferencing option.
    2. Documentation from institution verifying that the facility has the technical capabilities, AND sufficient past live video conferencing experience, to conduct the LVC.
    3. A written back up plan for what you will do should there be significant technical problems with the audio and or video aspects of the live video conferencing technology.

  4. One time/recurring Course process
    1. The Course director will submit the standard Course Authorization form with the following LVC addendums;
      1. Letter of support from ATLS Course Director specifically approving the live video conferencing option.
      2. Documentation from institutions information/data services verifying that the institution has the technical capabilities, and sufficient prior experience, to conduct the live video conferencing option.  (see LVC definition)
    2. An ATCN Course Director must be present at the remote ATCN site.  A second Course Director or Course Coordinator is required to be present at the local ATLS site for the initial ATCN LVC course.  Subsequent LVC courses may be conducted with an experienced ATCN faculty versus having an ATCN course director level available at the local ATLS site.
    3. It is the responsibility of the Lead LVC Course Director to recruit the 2nd CD/CC for the local ATLS site.
    4. The Course Directors will be responsible for working with the local ATLS site and remote ATCN site Information Technology personnel to ensure that the live video conferencing capacities are adequate and functioning.
    5. All standard student course fees and policies are in effect for a live video conferencing option course.
    6. The number of ATCN students at the local ATCN course is limited to the number of physician students in the associated ATLS course.  In addition, the ATCN students at the remote site must maintain approved faculty: student ratios as described for all ATCN courses in the ATCN policy and procedure manual.

  5. Establishing a New ATCN Site via LVC
    1. The process for establishing a new ATCN site using LVC does not differ substantially from the current inaugural course process.   The LVC addendum documents must be submitted in addition to the documents required for a standard student course.
    2. A National or regional faculty member will be assigned to serve as the inaugural course director.
    3. The Inaugural Course Director will work with the remote ATCN site personnel to ensure that the requirements for utilization of the LVC are met.
    4. Students identified as instructor potential at a LVC course are eligible to participate in a faculty course.
    5. National or regional faculty will work with the LVC site to develop a local ATCN course director and coordinator based on the ATCN policy and procedure manual

  6. Course Director Education
    1. All Course Directors must complete an online educational module regarding the LVC before they are approved to conduct a LVC course.

  7. Faculty Course Considerations
    1. Faculty Course content and instructions will include specific issues regarding the LVC.

  8. LVC Specific Documents for Directors Disk
    1. Student  Course LVC Check List
    2. Student Course Evaluation/LVC
    3. LVC minimum audio/visual technical requirements.

  9. ATCN Executive Committee Quality Oversight
    1. During the rollout phase, the ATCN Executive Committee will review a summary of student and faculty evaluations from initial LVC student courses.

  10. Interstate LVC Courses
    1. Established ATCN State to a Non ATCN State
      1. A courtesy communication be made to the Non ATCN states COT chair by the LVC site.
      2. The Local ATLS Course director should be aware of, and approve of,  where (geographically)the ATLS lectures are being teleconferenced .
    2. Established ATCN State to another Established ATCN State
      1. A courtesy communication be made to the Non ATCN states COT chair by the LVC site

ATCN Provider Course, Live video conferencing Option Checklist

  1. Needed For Provider Course Application
    1. Letter of support from local ATLS Course Director, specifically referencing approval of the ATCN teleconference option.
    2. Letter/Documentation from Facility verifying that the facility has the technical capabilities required to conduct an ATCN LVC and sufficient past experiences with live video conferencing capabilities.


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