ATCN Sister Sites Program

ATCN Sister Sites Program

Connecting ATCN programs that have diverse cultures, educational experiences and differing resources allows us to share cultural differences and practices that can impact patient care and family interactions.

  • Trauma nurses around the world share much in common, while facing unique challenges. Injured patients and their families depend on well-trained, educated nurses. ATCN provides common experiences and education to all nurses. Each country’s resources and experiences are unique, the exchange and sharing of these creates value and benefits for all involved.
  • ATCN Programs participating in the Sister Sites program determine individually what would benefit their faculty and students. Sister Sites can share educational resources and opportunities, unique cultural and social issues, nursing practice and interventions. Each Sister Site relationship is individually crafted between sites.
  • ATCN sites from well-resourced programs can offer financial and educational assistance to programs that have fewer resources.
  • An ATCN Sister Site Champion can be a Course Director, designated Faculty or Educator.
  • Programs can request a specific “sister” program country or city.
  • International to US Sites... International to International Sites... US Sites to US Sites.
  • A volunteer program... ATCN sites are not required to participate...but are encouraged to support each other.
  • For more information about the ATCN Sister Sites Program contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (425) 622-8507.
Download the ATCN Sister Sites Flyer for more information and complete the online application today!

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