Get in Gear! Get Involved! Volunteer!

As you already know, some of the best rewards from joining the Society of Trauma Nurses are networking and relationship building. There are many ways to maximize your membership in STN, but an investment of time and effort in activities is essential. STN has a number of opportunities for you to GET INVOLVED—some activities require little time while others take a bigger commitment. Shift to the gear that works best for you.

For more information about how you can participate, contact STN at 859-977-7456 or email You can also find beneficial information at

1st GEAR

(requires the least time)

Participating in Online Community

Answering Surveys

Posting Journal Articles at Work

Writing Letters to Legislators in Support of STN / Trauma Issues

Attend STN Annual Conference

Membership Recruitment

Member Appreciation/Acknowledgement

Donate to the STN Scholarship and Research Fund

2nd GEAR

Active Committee Member

Active SIG Member

Submit Abstract to Annual Conference

JTN Manuscript Reviewer

Take the Leadership Institute Course

ATCN Faculty

Participate in the STN Mentor Program

Ad Hoc Committees (such as Nominating Committee and Awards Committee)

3rd GEAR

Active Member of a Special Project (developing new courses,educational tools, etc.)

Submit Manuscript to JTN

Annual Conference Committee

ATCN Region Chair ATCN Committee

4th GEAR

(requires the most time)
STN Board of Directors

Committee Chair

Nurse Planner