Career Center

Career Center

Visit the new and improved Career Center website. This site was designed to assist STN members in managing their careers.

STN Members (job seekers) have free use of the site to post their resume, build a personal Career Profile, and review jobs posted. Just follow the links to where you want to go.

Employers and Recruiters, have the opportunity to immediately reach the most qualified candidates in the field of trauma nursing. You can maximize the exposure of your available jobs to the right target audience. You can view the price schedule when you register to post a new vacancy or to view the resumes.

STN is pleased to provide this service to its members and employers.

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The Society of Trauma Nurses is a professional nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure optimal trauma care to all people locally, regionally, nationally and globally through initiatives focused on trauma nurses related to prevention, education and collaboration with other healthcare disciplines.

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