JTN Mentee Program

Journal of Trauma Nursing Mentor Program

The purpose of this program is to give you, the mentee, the opportunity to be coached through the writing and publishing of a Journal article.

Length of Mentor/Mentee relationship This is the decision of the Mentor /Mentee but generally 1 year would be the average.

Time commitment of the Mentee
Time commitment will vary however the mentee should be prepared to devote at least 2 hours a month working with the Mentor. Additional time will most likely be needed to write the article.

Basic rules of the program
  • When the Mentee/Mentor decides that the article is ready for Journal submission it will be submitted to JTN.
  • All manuscripts submitted to JTN will be subject to the same review process as all submitted articles.
  • The mentee will be required to make a good faith effort to complete objectives and timeline as agreed to.
  • Both the mentor and/or the mentee can request to withdraw from the relationship if they believe that they are not meeting or unable to meet the agreed upon objectives and timeline. Dissolution of the relationship should be discussed between the mentor/mentee. STN is always available if you have concerns that you cannot resolve with the mentor.
  • The mentor must make a reasonable effort to be available to and assist the mentee in the writing process.
  • At the beginning of the arrangement, an agreement will be made between the Mentor/Mentee to either list the Mentor as a 2nd author for the article or acknowledge them in the published article.
To stay on track we strongly recommend the following timeline:
  • Topic refinement (month 1)
  • Literature review, article selection (month 3)
  • APA formatting, matrix tables, literature synthesis (month 7)
  • Manuscript draft (month 10)
  • Final manuscript (month 12)

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