STN Nurse Leadership Externship

Program Information & Application Process

Deadline December 4, 2019

The Society of Trauma Nurses (STN) Board of Directors and the Leadership Committee have established a Nurse Leadership Externship to offer opportunities for aspiring leaders in trauma care to learn and grow in their profession. This year-long experience will begin in 2020.

The Leadership Externship directly supports and enhances the mission, vision and strategic plan of the STN organization by addressing the specialized needs of a trauma leader. The Leadership Externship is designed to equip and assist the upcoming leader with making relationships with key trauma professionals in STN, EAST and TCAA while further developing leadership skills through exposure to different organization activities (i.e. committee/SIG meetings, Board meeting, STN headquarters operations, STN Annual Conference). During the externship, the new leader will gain a better understanding of STN and how to get involved with the organization.

Externship Responsibilities/ Key Activities
The STN Leadership Externship will attend the STN Board meeting at STN Annual Conference, attend STN Annual conference, participate in at least two committees during their year-long commitment (their choice from Leadership, Advanced Practice, CEPU, etc.), attend shadowing experience at STN Headquarters to understand inner workings of organization and complete assigned project, complete leadership assessment pre and post experiences to see how he/she has grown and areas of needed growth, write a JTN editorial about their year long experience as the STN Leadership Extern in conjunction with a Leadership Committee member. For more information, please view our “Leadership Extern Guidelines for Success”.

Application Requirements:
  1. Complete the online form.
  2. Upload your CV via online form.
  3. Submit letter of support from a peer, mentor or administrator that outlines the applicants strengths, aspirations, leadership role in their current organization and why they would be an asset to this program (you can upload this the letter of support via the online form).
Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Selection Criteria:
  1. The candidate must have an active membership with the Society of Trauma Nurses (STN).
    1. The ideal candidate will have at least two years’ experience in trauma and membership in STN and have attended at least one STN Conference.
  2. The applicant is an aspiring trauma nurse with a desire to grow professionally and become a leader in trauma. These aspirations may include advancing their education, participation on a committee, Special Interest Group (SIG), research, writing an article for the Journal of Trauma Nursing, or obtaining a leadership position within the trauma arena or STN organization.
  3. Candidates may include bedside nurses, flight nurses, nurses holding a management position in their trauma department (or reside over an area that cares for trauma patients), nurse educators, Advanced Practice Nurses working in trauma, nurses who hold a state or health care system position, state and/or regional trauma nurse representatives
  4. The STN Leadership Committee will review applications and give a recommendation to STN Board of Directors.
  5. The STN Board of Directors will select the candidate based upon review of application, letter of recommendation and STN Leadership Committee recommendations.


Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

STN membership is required to be considered.